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Hello all!   I am looking to parnter with a background artist, preferably one who can do sprite-based backgrounds.  These backgrounds should be similar to what you'd see in an old SNES or Gameboy side-scrolling game.  If you know anyone who meets these requirements, please PM or comment below.    Arigato!

School n' Stuff

2013-12-11 16:14:19 by MC-Skeptik

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting up new episodes lately.  Life just so happens to be throwing a lot at me right now(college finals, work, etc.) so I haven't had the time to make 'em in a while.  But don't worry, I promise it will continue and will have an ending!


2013-07-30 21:38:18 by MC-Skeptik

Hey guys, I hope you all have been enjoying my little sprite series :) I'm having some computer problems. And by some...I mean a lot. And by computer problems...I mean I need a new one lol. So the next episode will be delayed for about a week or so. :( so sit tight, and be patient, plz and thnx for liking my spritework!

Hello everyone! I'm a new up-and-coming animator who specializes in 2D sprite animations(for now). For those of you who don't know me from YouTube, you can call me Skeptik. On side-note; That name is based off the fact that my real name has a "K" where a "C" would be, and I'm a very sceptical person, so I made it my own. But anyway, I plan to show you guys my some of my sprite action, mainly because I enjoy feedback so I can get better at it and I like to entertain people with my animations. I also am apart of a blogging system that you can make a lot of residual(monthly) income from. If anyone is interested then you can check it out here at:

Skeptik Blog

I also hope to meet and make a lot of new friends here, considering I'm not the only one on here with sprite animations. Well, thats all I got as far as introductions go, and I'll see you guys on the forums. Later!